Green Building Types

Every building type has different design and efficiency needs depending on its function:

Green Homes

How can you make your home greener? Improve the environmental performance of your living space by implementing the strategies found on the following pages.

Green Schools

More than 53 million children and about 6 million adults spend a significant portion of their days in public and private school buildings. These school buildings may contain environmental conditions that inhibit learning and pose increased risks to the health of children and staff. Following stardards recommended or imposed by the Federal Government/EPA, these school environments can increase its environmental friendliness.

Green Commercial Buildings

How can you make your office building greener?

Green Laboratories

Laboratories for the 21st Century is a voluntary partnership program dedicated to improving the environmental performance of U.S. laboratories. EPA and the US Department of Energy are helping new and retrofitted laboratories cut their energy costs and improve environmental performance by offering training and education, as well as a tool kit.